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Our professionally trained staff will take exceptional care of you.  In a warm and inviting atmosphere, we will work with you to find your best fit, whether it’s for every day, sport, nursing, mastectomy or a special occasion.  We will help you determine, not just the perfect size, but also, what brands and styles will be best suited for your individual body and your lifestyle needs.  

Some of the things we hear the most often are that someone is a “difficult size” or that they hate wearing a bra/wires because they are never comfortable. Rest assured, when put in the right bra and size, everything changes to become something you love!

Although appointments are not necessary, we do recommend planning visits of at least 20-30 minutes to ensure you have enough time to try on several different styles so that you can leave with something that is perfect for you and that you LOVE!


The Cost

Fittings at The Bra Room are always complementary.

We carry a large assortment of brands, in a variety of price ranges to suit all budgets. All of our brands and products are of the highest quality and a professional fitting can help you to find the ones that are going to meet and exceed your expectations.

Industry standards indicate that the average lifespan of a bra, with proper wear and care, is approximately 6 months to 1 year.


The Benefits of Wearing the Right Bra

  • A perfectly fit bra can and will improve your day to day comfort.
  • Experience bands that stay in place, straps that don’t dig in or fall off, and wires that don’t hurt.
  • You will immediately notice an improvement in your posture and a reduction in the strain placed on your neck and back.
  • Overall, your clothes will fit better with your silhouette becoming more defined and flattered.


Give yourself a little love today and come in for a complimentary fitting! 


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