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Nippies Skin Lift


Conceal or reveal exactly what you want with an added nipple cover lift bonus. Our matte, ultrathin, Invisifeel™ silicone push up pasties have a pull tab on top so you can stick, lift, and go. Get full coverage and a gravity boost without having to wear a bra with these lifting nipple covers. The best pasties with lift are strong but kind to your skin, too – experience our boob lift petals with skin-safe adhesive that stay on firmly and peel off gently.

MATERIALS: 100% medical-grade silicone

- Elevate your boobs without a bra: Give your breasts a boost with the included pull tab on these silicone breast lift nipple covers – great for a gentle pick-me-up

- Skin-safe, signature Invisifeel™ silicone: Smooth, undetectable silicone lift covers that feel barely there

- Designed to blend seamlessly: Thin edges disappear under clothing – no show through or awkward ridges and lines with your silicone breast lift

- Light-reflection shield: Wear your bright whites in the sunshine and take that selfie with the flash on – our breast lift pasties can shield your nipples from light, too

- Reusable and easy to clean: Simply rinse your lift pasties with mild soap and water, air dry, store, and wear again

- Sleek storage case: Preserve the shape and quality of your silicone lift covers in a chic magnetic clasp storage case – so convenient for traveling and on-the-go style

- Each pack includes: 1 pair of reusable pasties that lift, 1 pair of protective trays and sheets, and a storage case

How To Wear Lifting Nipple Covers

1. Clean and dry your skin.

2. Remove tray and peel sheet off.

*Don’t throw these away! You’ll need them for proper storage.

3. Press cup onto your breast and hold for 5 seconds.

4. Pull tab up and smooth onto skin.


How To Care For & Store Lifting Nipple Covers

Nippies Lift adhesive nipple covers come in a sleek, magnetic-clasp carrying case for easy, transportable storage. Inside, you’ll find clear trays beneath each cover and clear protective sheets over the sticky side. Keep the trays and sheets! They’ll help you preserve the shape and keep your covers lasting longer.

To clean Nippies Lift nipple covers:

1. Rinse with mild soap and water.

2. Air dry on the counter or a towel with the inside of the cups facing up.


Your Nippies Lift adhesive nipple covers won’t stick if they are dirty or come in contact with lotions or body oil.


To store Nippies Lift nipple covers:

1. Place the sheet over the adhesive once fully dry.

2. Return covers to their clear trays and store inside the case.

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