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How should I care for my new bra?

How should I care for my new bra?

How should I care for my new bra?

The best way to extend the life of a new bra is by hand washing it after every second or third wear. This will help to keep them clean and help maintain shape. Washing by hand does not deteriorate a bra; body oils, lotions and simply wearing your bra contributes to fibre wear and tear. Hand washing keeps fibres clean and helps the elastic to maintain its original tension.

Lay flat or hang to air dry by the center of the bra to avoid over stretching the straps. Avoid any cleaners that have harsh chemicals or perfumes.  Try to avoid folding foam cups inside each other as some of the more rigid foams can become permanently creased and be visible through your clothes!

One of our favourite handwashing products is the Canadian brand Eucalan!

Eucalan Delicate Wash is NO RINSE, non-toxic, biodegradable, free of phosphates, synthetic fragrance and dye. Eucalan is scented with only quality essential oils, in addition to natural/unscented. The lanolin acts as a natural conditioner, keeping fibres supple and reducing static. 

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