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 Body Changes Caused By Illness

 Body Changes Caused By Illness

Our bodies are constantly changing year to year. We may gain or lose a few pounds, have babies, or perhaps, enter menopause. 

These changes may be ones that can be expected, but what happens when you’ve been diagnosed with a serious medical condition or life threatening illness?

It’s hard enough to navigate this new reality and on top of all the other shifts that may come with a diagnosis, you may also start to find that all your “go-to bras” are no longer fitting or may have begun feeling very uncomfortable.

With any illness we may see dramatic shifts in weight. If/when this happens you will most certainly require a re-fit to accommodate your changing body.  If you’ve added weight, it’s important to find something comfortable and well-fitting that makes you feel good.  If you have lost weight, it is important to make sure your support has been readjusted.

Specialty lingerie shops like The Bra Room have experienced Bra Fitters who are professionally trained to help you find your perfect size and fit, while also showing you options to suit your needs. As your shape and size may change during and after treatment, it’s important to have your bra sized accurately before you buy any new bras. 

When your body is going through changes and you’re not feeling 100%, you’ll want your intimate items to allow your body to feel its best. For some, this may be something pretty, lacy or a bright fun colour – or something basic, soft and easy to wear.

An experienced bra fitter should always have specialized training and experience in helping women who have had or are going to have breast surgery.  
At The Bra Room, our staff has extensive training and can offer 14 years of experience helping women navigate these stages.


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