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Am I Wearing The Wrong Band Size Bra?

Am I Wearing The Wrong Band Size Bra?

The bra I’m wearing seems okay, but is it really my correct size and how can I tell?

One of the key jobs of your bra is to provide support for your breasts.
About 85-90% of that support will come from the band.  In order to keep your breasts lifted and supported, the band needs to stay firm across your back. When your band is too big, it causes the back to ride up and the breasts to droop down!
Signs that your bra band is too big are:

  • You pull your bra straps so tight that it pulls the bra into your armpits
  • You raise your arms and your breasts fall out from underneath your bra
  • You are constantly rearranging your bra all day and your straps are continually falling down
  • Your band rides up your back instead of staying parallel to the floor

The band should feel firm but never constricting. If your bra does feel too tight, you might want to try one band size bigger or a softer band style.

Often times, we see women who have been put in a band size that is too big in order to compensate for coverage in the front because the size range offered was too limited. The Bra Room carries a huge selection of bras in a complete size range to make sure that doesn't happen!

A professional bra fitter can tell you how a bra looks and fits, but we have to rely on you to tell us how it FEELS!
Keep in mind, there is a short “breaking-in” period with any new bra, especially when moving your size to a firmer band, BUT from the first time you wear your bra, it should feel good on your body.  If it doesn’t, continue working with your fitter until you find one that does!


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