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 Bra Wardrobe Basics!

 Bra Wardrobe Basics!

 Bra Wardrobe Basics!

Have you ever bought a last-minute outfit on the day of a special occasion or big event, only to discover that you don’t have the right bra? Building a lingerie wardrobe can prepare us for when we’ve been caught without the right piece of lingerie, but need it the most.

Everyday bras:  Have 3-5 well fitting, basic bras that work with 70% of your wardrobe so you can rotate them and not over-wear them.
Include a basic skin-tone t-shirt bra to wear under your favorite white t-shirt!

Specialty bras:  A multi-functional strapless or convertible bra that can go under different tops or dresses like racerback, halter, one shoulder, cut out, and of course, strapless.

Sports bra:  Depending on the level of exercise you do, a sports bra is a must. You can choose a low impact style for walking or yoga and a high impact for exercise that requires a lot of movement and causes bounce. Sports bras are very different than regular bras in that they are designed to either compress or encapsulate. They protect your breast tissue, specifically the Cooper’s Ligament, which can stretch and cause permanent sagging in your breasts.

Comfort /sleep bra:  Comfort is the name of the game these days and the latest trend has women seeking a fabulous fitting wireless bras. If you choose to sleep in a bra, make it a soft wireless that doesn’t feel too constricting. A wireless bra can still provide amazing support and comfort on those days when you want to take a break from a wired bra.

Pretty Bras: Whatever your shape or size, all women should have at least one bra in their wardrobe that makes them feel beautiful the moment it touches your body and even better to pair it up with matching undies!

Accessories: To avoid any last minute stress of not feeling your best in any outfit, keep a few accessories like breast lift tape, nipple covers, back extenders, double sided body tape and seamless underwear on hand!



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