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Why Are Bras So Expensive?

Why Are Bras So Expensive?

Finding the perfect bra can be a challenge for most women. The goal is to find the right bra for our breast shape, size and everyday needs without spending a fortune. When shopping, it’s important to remember that your bra works to provide comfort and support for 12-18 hours every single day! It’s the one item that if it doesn’t fit properly, can affect how your clothes fit, your self-confidence and can contribute to issues with back, shoulder or neck pain.

A bra that you buy at a big box store or online at a cheaper price may not necessarily save you money in the long run. Often times, these bras are massed produced, cut and sewn by machines and can be made of lesser quality materials. Some of the brands carried by The Bra Room are cut and sewn by hand and some have even been making bras for 130 years!

There is a misconception that size dictates cost or that we only carry bras at higher price points.  Our bras start at $50 and you will pay the same price for a bra made by the same brand regardless of size.  The quality and the construction of the bra is what you are paying for.  These bras, when cared for properly, will fit you perfectly and stay in your wardrobe longer.

A well-made bra will not just offer higher quality fabrics, but better, stronger hook and eye closures, straps and wires. The more stretch a fabric/band/ strap have, the less support it will offer and the quicker it will need to be replaced.

With any wardrobe purchase that is made, from shoes to bras, the bottom line is that quality will always cost a little more, but it can also save you from the cycle of continuously buying short-term, fast fashion.

With almost 15 years of experience and professional training, we know our bras inside and out. We understand fit points, which brands work best for what body type, matching bra shape to breast shape, etc. We are constantly learning, and passing that knowledge and expertise onto you.
Make an investment in yourself, your confidence and overall wellbeing and come in to see us today!


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