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Post Mastectomy Bra Fittings

Post Mastectomy Bra Fittings

Whether you’ve had a single or double mastectomy or a lumpectomy, the experience is different for everyone!
No matter what kind of advice you get, stories you hear or firsthand insights you read, the best thing you can do for yourself is to be as educated and prepared as possible.
Having a great team of support, including a professional bra fitter, can help ease some of the stress and concern.

The bra fitting process following a mastectomy can be overwhelming.
The Bra Room offers professional, accredited service in an inviting, private atmosphere. Our in stock selection of bras, loungewear, swimwear and Prosthetics, can help to restore your body balance and create a natural look.

As a professional fitter, our job is to know what brands and styles will best suit your body and breast shape. We often find that women who have had a lumpectomy or single mastectomy may find their perfect fitting bra in a size not offered by mastectomy brand companies. That is why visiting a bra boutique is so important!  It’s not just about having mastectomy products available for sale, it’s about providing women with the knowledge and education on what products will work best for YOU.

Here are some of the general questions most women will ask:

How long do you wear a compression bra after a mastectomy?

Everybody is so individual. Some women are permitted to move out of a compression bra in a matter of weeks and others require months before they can remove the compression aspect of their bra.  It is always best to move under the advisement of your surgeon.

When can I wear prosthesis after having a mastectomy?

In the beginning, many women opt for a temporary prosthesis, made of soft materials that will not risk irritating the area while you are healing.

After approximately 4-6 weeks, you can be fitted for a permanent prosthesis which will look and feel more like a natural breast.  There are a large number of options available to suit a woman’s individual body shape and needs, so the help of a certified fitter is highly recommended.

What are the advantages of wearing a breast Prosthetic?

Whether or not to wear a prosthesis is a personal choice. Many women want to wear one because they want to wear the same clothing that they wore prior to the surgery and they want to look symmetrical. There are other advantages to having breast prosthesis;

  • Makes your clothes fit better
  • Gives you warmth
  • Protects your chest and scars
  • Helps balance your posture
  • Helps prevent problems with curvature of the spine, shoulder drop, and muscular pain in the neck and back.


What is the cost to a Professional Bra fitting and Mastectomy products?

  • Bra Fittings are always complimentary
  • Mastectomy bras start at $50.00 and up
  • Prosthetics start at $350.00 and up
  • All Mastectomy products are tax free


Emotional recovery is just as important as physical recovery. Organizations like The Canadian Cancer Society and New Brunswick Breast Cancer Network can offer information and resources. Many communities offer local support groups and The Look Good Feel Better workshop for women with cancer.

Please reach out to us at any time and let us help you navigate the next steps on your journey to recovery.


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