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Bra Seams & How They Affect Your Fit

Bra Seams & How They Affect Your Fit

Bra Seams & How They Affect Your Fit

Often we love a particular bra because of the shape it gives us. If you’ve ever tried on different styles, you know that they can dramatically change your appearance giving you a more rounded silhouette or a more pointed one. They can lift, flatter and accentuate your shape or leave us with the dreaded “uni-boob”.

We often have conversations with our clients who are solely looking for a seamless bra, so that they are invisible under a t-shirt. This offers us the opportunity to explain why seams can be so important!

So why do some bra styles have seams?
The seams in your bra can help lift, separate, and support your breasts. They often shape better and for some body types/breast shapes they are a better fit. They are often referred to as cut and sewn bras because they are made out of pieces of fabric that are sewn together to create a specific fit. Seamed bras can give the appearance of a slimmer silhouette.

Seams are sewn into a bra to offer different features; vertical which are designed to lift the breasts up, horizontal to give the breasts more of a forward projection, and the popular “3 part cup” in which the bottom part has a vertical seam, but it’s cut off by a horizontal/diagonal one instead of reaching all the way to the top of the cup.

Seamed bras can also offer side support in the cup which prevents the breasts ‘flowing out’ towards the armpit. Instead, it gathers the breasts and brings them together towards the middle.

Stop in today to see the difference a seamed bra can make for you!



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