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Why is bra shopping so confusing?

Why is bra shopping so confusing?

I think every woman will attest that the majority of their bra shopping experiences have been frustrating and confusing, never knowing the right size or shape of bra to buy!
Way too often nothing fits quite right and we leave a store feeling like there something is wrong with us.  We’re rarely taught how to wear a bra when our breasts start to develop, so we are left not  knowing what to look for, how they should fit or realizing that they should feel comfortable!

Around the 1930’s is when the A, B, C, and D sizing system was put in place. Retail stores would carry sizes 34A to 46DDD. This created the first challenge for a huge percentage of women, whose size was not represented. Today sizes, fabrics and styles have expanded way beyond the 1930’s framework. Bra fitting boutiques like The Bra Room carry a size range is 28-54 bands and A to N cup to accommodate ALL BODIES!

Here are a few key points on why shopping for a bra can be confusing and how bra shopping can actually be painless!

-All bras and brands fit differently. A 36D in one brand may fit bigger or smaller than another brand. If you can always try a bra on before purchasing.

-Bras are manufactured and sold in various sizing charts. The most common are US, UK and French. They don’t always use the same number/letter combo, a French bra sold with a 34DDD cup size is the same as a US 34DD.

-Women’s bodies are constantly changing size and shape as we age and go through different stages of our lives. It only stands to reason that our bodies and breasts will change as well!
It is best to get refit on an annual basis or when you have experienced any life changes like pregnancy/menopause.

-Each brand is created with a specific body type and breast shape in mind. That is why your friend’s favorite bra style might not work for you.

-Wearing an uncomfortable bra seems to be normal, so many women do not ask for help or will settle for a bra that doesn’t make them feel great. Bras should never be uncomfortable.

-And finally, what most women are not aware of is that the letter B, C, DD, does not represent  your breast size…it is based on a ratio between your band size and breast volume. Turns out most of us can wear more than one number/letter size. Because the actual volume of the cup changes across different band sizes. This “sister sizing” is why, when your band is too big, you are told you should go down a band size and up a letter. A 32D bra cup is equivalent (in volume) to a 30DD or a 34C bra size.

Stop in to The Bra Room and experience how life changing a professional bra fitting can be. You’ll learn how a bra should fit and what styles/sizes work best for your body and lifestyle.
Our expertise and years of experience will take all of the guess work out of bra shopping!


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